by Kelly De Valera & Elizabeth Brackman

Meet the Authors

Kelly loves reading, writing, history, Gore Vidal, the blues, the seventies, being veg, animals, computers, the Pacific Coast Highway, hot weather, Caparone wine, the Chicago White Sox, Hammer films, silent films, horrible action movies featuring aliens, and making lists.  Kelly hates limits, narrow-mindedness, and being called “Kel” by anyone other than her mother and sister.

As for Elizabeth, she loves sunshine, the full moon, dancing with Charles, her friends, walking Loki, gourmet veggie meals, reading to Savannah, silent movies, the Roaring Twenties, and writing letters.  Her friends tell her she can always find the most bizarre thing on TV, no matter what time it is.  Elizabeth will not answer to the name “Lizzie.”

Kelly and Elizabeth are currently working on the sequel to "The Last Train to Peking," tentatively titled "Tale of the South Pacific," wherein Coco and Luce will enjoy the usual fine adventures, misadventures, and maybe even a little romance under the hot sun in Polynesia.  And this is only the the future, Coco and Luce will travel around the world, with mysteries, mayhem, and whimsy following wherever they go - not to mention men.

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Meet the Authors